Consumate Gentleman and Possible Immortal Keanu Reeves Gives Up His Seat On The Subway

February 12, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

Unlike Tom Hanks, who somehow inflated to the size of a small family while riding the NYC subway, known subway rider Keanu Reeves respects subway etiquette. In a video posted to Reddit, you can see him sitting on a Q train, probably contemplating what his character in John Wick would do to the twerp videotaping him. His deep meditation is interrupted, however, when a woman boards and remains standing. Though she takes nary a glance towards the megastar, he notices her. Sacrificing whatever inconspicuousness he may have had, Reeves then offers her his seat. The evidence exists to the world’s (and his PR’s) benefit. Perhaps when the unfazed woman stepped outside, she wondered why the face of the nice guy from the subway was all over New York. Eh, on second thought, it was probably a glitch in the Matrix.