Drink Booze Through a Baby’s Head With New Kickstarter Project

February 18, 2015 | Nicholas Rohaidy

A Brooklyn man has invented the perfect way to drink alcohol in public discreetly, and even help you look like a good, responsible parent while doing so. Well, as long as no one looks at you too closely (and knows you’re not the parent of an infant). Simon Philion has launched a Kickstarter for a baby sling and plastic doll that doubles as a flask.

Simply carry the baby around your belly and take a sip from the top of its head. Your adult beverage sits in an insulated foam chamber within the baby’s body. Watch the video above to see the prototype, in which our young model father looks only mildly creepy as he nuzzles the top of his Cool Baby. The project needs another $64,000 by February 28th to get funded. But if it does, you’ll be able to buy “all different kinds of baby races, baby dispositions, baby sexual orientations, and baby IQ’s,” Philion promises.