Weed Is Now Legal In 78% of Washington, D.C.

February 26, 2015 | Bucky Turco

At the stroke of midnight, something historic happened in the United States: weed became legal in the nation’s capital. The law officially went into effect on February 26th at 12:01AM, however, it’s not binding on federal lands where it’s still illegal, which as DCist notes, “accounts for 22 percent of the District.”

During the midterm elections, voters in D.C. passed Initiative 71 (PDF doc), which is definitely progressive by American standards, but isn’t about to turn the city into a Denver or a Seattle. There are rules ya know. Here are some of them:

+ It will be legal to possess up to two ounces of pot.
+ It will be legal to smoke said pot on private property.
+ It will be legal to transfer (give) an ounce or less of pot to someone else.
+ It will be legal to grow and cultivate up to six pot plants.
+ You must be 21 years old to possess, consume, or grow pot.
+ Selling pot will still be illegal.
+ As will be smoking pot in any public space, which includes restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.

weed-2“If the president can brew and drink beer in the White House, adults should be allowed to grow and consume a less harmful substance in their houses,” said Robert Capecchi of pro-cannabis lobby MPP. “Alcohol is no longer the only authorized social lubricant in town.”

On Tuesday, Alaska earned its place as the third state in the U.S. to officially legalize weed along with Colorado and Washington.

(Image: DLT)