Chris Gethard Will Make Your Old Junk Famous on His New TV Show

March 2, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

New York comedian Chris Gethard, whose 30-minute show debuts at Fusion in May, is already enlisting the help of his viewers. In a new video, Gethard, sans shirt, asks his fans to send in kitschy crap from their homes so the set of The Chris Gethard Show feels like an authentic basement. “I want it to feel like we’re hanging out in a basement,” he says, “like when me and my friend Anthony back in the day used to hang out in his basement, play[ing] Sega Genesis.”

“You can send us an item from your basement, and we will make it a part of our television set,” he explains. Acceptable items include: packing peanuts, old wallpaper, Magic the Gathering cards, old marching band uniforms, couches, broken lamps, etc. People who don’t have basements are encouraged to rifle through their closets or look under their beds. The invitation is the first of many attempts to interact with the audience and create a collaborative show on cable TV.

The Chris Gethard Show started out as a UCB show in 2009 and then went on to become a cultish mainstay on New York public access show. With the recent move to Fusion, the comedian has promised to keep the talk show very weird and make it the “most interactive show of all time.” If you are one of his “half hopeless, half hopeful” viewers, send your junk here:

The Chris Gethard Show
c/o NEP Studios
885 Second Avenue
Level C
New York NY 100017

(Photo: Chris Gethard)