Artist Swoon Gifts Gloria Steinem with a Clitorus-Shaped Ring

March 4, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

While most of us dream about bumping into our personal heroes, few of us would be prepared to make a lasting impression on them. Not Swoon, however. The artist recently met women’s rights icon Gloria Steinem and handed her the perfect gift: a ring depicting the female clitorus (Note: this not the same thing as a clit ring).

It’s insane that humans traveled to the moon, created the internet and became addicted to BuzzFeed quizzes all before we understood what the inside of a woman’s clit really looked like. The ring aims to bring awareness of the sensitive and complex anatomical structure. Here are more of the rings, by PenelopiJones.

Primordial clitoris sea

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(Photo: PenelopiJones)