This Dude Gets Paid To Give Advice On Beer and Dabs

March 5, 2015 | Bucky Turco

Legal weed continues to create new and unique job opportunities in states where it’s lawful. According to Cannabist, Colorado resident Ed Haas offers a class on how to pair craft beer with hash and weed concentrates. People pay money to hear him say things like this:

One of my all-time favorite pairings was having a glass of Mikkeller Spontan Cherry, which is a cherry-infused sour ale, and pairing that with Cherry Afghan CBD dabs,” Haas told me recently. “The way the different interpretations of the cherry played off of each other was really interesting and super flavorful.

The 37-year-old documents his favorite combinations on his blog, Stirring the Pot. It’s populated with headlines like “Dabs of Mountain OG Budder paired with Bourbon Barrel Aged Smoking Wood from The Bruery” and “Oh yeah! A joint of Golden Goat paired with a growler of Superpower IPA from Comrade Brewing Company!”

For those considering taking his course, here’s his advice: “People coming to this event should bring an open mind, curiosity and hopefully a love or interest in both good beer and good hash.”

There you have it, from Ed Haas, Renaissance Man.

(Image: Thrillist)