Cowards Pummel Teen Inside Brooklyn McDonald’s and No One Does Shit to Help Her

March 12, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

Four teenage girls beat the shit out of another girl in a Flatbush McDonald’s on Monday afternoon, as “dozens of kids and at least two adults” watched and cheered, reports the New York Daily News. All of it was caught on video and then posted to Facebook. The video, above, is graphic.

What’s perhaps more horrific is that, according to NBC, no one intervened, and police “do not recall getting a 911 about the brawl.” (The New York Daily News reports that while none of the bystanders called the police, restaurant workers did, however.)

Police were able to identify the 15-year-old victim, but are having trouble moving forward with the case because the girl isn’t talking to police. According to the Daily News, “She’s apparently afraid of retaliation — some of the girls who attacked her have links to the Young Savages, a violent crew that operates out of Crown Heights, police sources said.”

The teen was hospitalized Monday, returned home, but taken away again on Wednesday after she collapsed.