Method Man Thinks Wu-Tang Clan’s 88-Year Ban on Wide Release is “Ludicrous”

March 12, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

Method Man may have gotten some inaccurate information about the new Wu-Tang album, but he still thinks the decision to not allow mass production of it for 88 years is “ludicrous.”

If you don’t already know, the legendary rap group is auctioning off just one version of album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin and recently announced that the owner will not be allowed to mass produce or give away the album for 88 years. In what’s got to be one of the worst ways for anyone to hear news about himself, Method Man learned about this stipulation during an interview with XXL Mag. At the time, he said, “Fuck that album, if that’s what they are doing. I haven’t heard anything like that, but if they’re doing crap like that, fuck that album. Straight up.”

In an interview with Hot 97 on Thursday, Method Man said that the XXL journalist who interviewed him mischaracterized the extreme terms as “people not being able to hear Once Upon a Time in Shaolin for 88 years.” After he checked in with RZA (who clarified that the 88-year restriction was on commercial production), Method Man still blasted the 88-year limit — he was just more polite about it.

“My biggest thing with that was — I was misinformed, first of all,” he said. “Even though I think 88 years is ludicrous anyway, but that’s not for me to say.”

“I don’t like anything that seems like a gimmick associated with Wu-Tang at all,” he continued. “It is not RZA’s fault, and I don’t think RZA even knew about that 88 years till later on, then he climbed on board with it.”

Who, then, does Method Man blame for the debacle? Producer Cilvaringz. “I don’t like Cilvaringz, by the way,” he said. “I just put that out there.”

(Photo: Hot 97)