Artists Show Brand Loyalty at Soho Gallery

March 13, 2015 | Aymann Ismail

Soho’s gallery nine5 has assembled quite an impressive lineup of artists for its latest group show Brand Loyalty, i’m lovin’, featuring work from the likes of Alben, Chad Gordon, Desire Obtain Cherish, Greg Haberny, Ron English, Sket One, WhIsBe and Zevs.

The exhibit is a commentary on the ubiquity and idolization of corporate imagery, and the elevated status these images enjoy in our culture. The artworks, some tongue-in-cheek, are simultaneously funny, thought-provoking and sad in what they reveal about a culture in which nearly everything can be commodified.

"The Greatest Story Ever Sold" - Ron English

For the show, Ron English crucified Jesus on a cross of brands. “Using the classical figure of Jesus on the cross, English merges religious archetypes with tongue-in-cheek reinterpretations of corporate logos,” reads the press release. “Despite the changes English has made to the wording of corporate slogans, viewers recognize the colors and fonts of corporate brands, just as immediately as they recognize the figure of Jesus.”

"Designer Drugs Single Pack" - Desire Obtain Cherish

Another standout from the exhibit was Jonathan Paul who goes by the alias Desire Obtain Cherish. His “Designer Drug” series “conflates designer logos with prescription drugs, offering a critique on society’s over-reliance on brand items and pharmaceuticals alike. Shrink-wrapped Yves Saint Laurent, Hermès and Louis Vuitton pills offer temporary satisfaction from our addictions.”

"Illuminated Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres" - Zevs
French street artist Zevs also created some conspicuous work. For his contribution, he merged “a classical painting with contemporary corporate logos, imprinting the figure of a nude woman with the repeating pattern of a designer bag. By juxtaposing a French neoclassical style with the ‘design’ of a luxury item, Zevs comments on the conflation of luxury fine art items with consumer products, creating a visual marriage of the two.”

Click through our slideshow above or if you’re in New York City, go see it in person for your damn self.

“Brand Loyalty, i’m lovin’” Group Show, Mar 4 – Apr 19, gallery nine5

(Photos: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)