This Brooklyn Artist Will Help You Remember Some of the Stuff You’ve Lost

March 16, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

She won’t go searching for that umbrella you left at a restaurant or the set of keys you misplaced last week, but Brooklyn artist Hannah Rawe will help you reflect on some of the objects you’ve loved and lost. Since mid-December, Rawe has set up a tiny shop at Giti Fashion in Park Slope called Lost & Find. In it, she carries sculptures, jewelry, and trinkets of backpacks, Metrocards, socks, scarves, gloves and other abandoned items you’re likely to see on the city’s streets. She also creates custom artworks: She designed a lego necklace for a friend who found a lego and created a sculpture of a finger for someone who lost some movement in his pinky.

lost_mar16_2015Photo: YourLostandFind Tumblr

“At some point I made a list of things that I used to have and I really don’t know where they went, like favorite T-shirts,” Rawe said to Park Slope Stoop. “So I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I had a slew of small versions of lots of things that I used to have?”

She documents her adventures — as well as New York’s lost items — on her blog. Some of her more popular items are also available on Etsy.

lost2_mar16_2015Photo: YourLostandFindTumblr

For Rawe, who grew up in the neighborhood, the temporary shop is also a way to bring back something that neighborhood has lost. “This corner used to be more unique than it is currently,” she said. “I used to come up the block and get these weird dolls that this woman made, and there was a dress shop that my friend and I would get dress-up clothes at — it was full of a lot more quirky spots. I kind of miss that, and I’m trying to keep it alive a little bit.”

(Photo: Park Slope Stoop)