Latest Celeb to Visit Greenpoint Restaurant Five Leaves Is a Lamb

March 18, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

It wasn’t Josh Hartnett or another movie star that had some small Brooklynites losing their damn minds at Greenpoint restaurant Five Leaves, but a lamb. The Greenpoint restaurant was founded by Heath Ledger’s pals in honor of the late actor, and on Tuesday made headlines for hosting the baby sheep.

It was a special guest of two people who presumably appreciate the awkwardness of bringing a live animal to a restaurant where it’s also served as a meal.

DNAinfo reported on the lamb, noticed by local resident Nick Ramsey. Ramsey and his friends found it to be in poor taste, figuratively speaking:

“Just, also, ‘why do you have a lamb?'” asked Ramsey, who noted that this type of sighting didn’t surprise him in Brooklyn.

He and other locals joked about the possibility of eating the creature, though his friends and co-workers later pointed out that perhaps it was being used for knitting.

“Maybe there’s an artisanal yarn movement that I’m not aware of,” Ramsey said.

(Image: Nick Ramsey)