If Your Dog Doesn’t Draw Enough Attention, Add Flashing Lights To It With Disco Dog

March 19, 2015 | Liam Mathews

If you have a shitty dog that no one pays attention to when you’re walking around, or you have a cool dog that you want to draw even more attention to…or you’re a tech industry dingbat who wants everyone to know how much you love wearable technology…OR you like spending way too much money on dog paraphernalia, Disco Dog is for you.

Disco Dog, currently in Kickstarter phase, is a neoprene dog vest implanted with LED lights that are controlled by a smartphone app. The lights flash in preprogrammed patterns, or you can type any text you want, such as “MY OWNER DOESN’T RESPECT ME,” which well then scroll through the lights. The vest will also flash a “lost dog” message if the dog gets loose. Imagining seeing that on the street makes me feel sad.

The vest costs $300-400, depending on the size of the dog. If you have a lil weiner dog just like the one in the video, though, it might be a good investment, because look at what a good dog that is in his little vest he’s a good boy yes he is!