Look At All The Amazing Shots This Photographer Took From An UWS Apartment

March 26, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

Most photography requires at least a modicum of traveling, even if just to get to an interesting destination, but what’s amazing about Scott Matthews’s photographs is that he can capture the city’s vibrancy and diversity without even leaving his apartment in the Upper West Side.

8 (alt) - Traffic Over La Guardia Airport.jpg
ANIMAL reached out to Matthews after his multiple exposure shots of air traffic over New York City were featured in the West Side Rag. He provided us with a small collection of impressive photos that document the world as seen from 106th and Broadway.

1 - Astoria Station Sunrise (Three Furies)
“These were all shot from my apartment…looking north, east, up, down,” Matthews told ANIMAL via email. “One detail that I think is fun (and less-obvious) is how some specific landmarks become recurring characters.”

3 - Frederick Douglass Houses At Night
Check out the photos in the gallery above for more of his majestic shots.

(Photos: Scott Matthews)