Defiant Daredevil Climbs Another Bridge Despite Police Commissioner’s Warning

March 30, 2015 | Bucky Turco

Days after his height-soaring exploration of the Triborough Bridge generated alliterative headlines and a public scolding from Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, a teenage adventurer poked the hornet’s nest yet again by conquering another bridge. Over the weekend, the young man who goes by the by the alias @icarus_nyc on Instagram, along with an accomplice, climbed the Queensboro Bridge (also known to New Yorkers as the 59th Street Bridge or Queens Bridge) to take photos.

He scaled several of its towers, the highest points on the span, which stand about 350 feet tall. “After a short climb with some tight squeezes and some incredible sketchy ladders, you reach the top,” Icarus told ANIMAL. “Along the way we found fresh footprints, meaning we probably weren’t the only people up there that night.” The structure is a magnet for urban explorers and artists alike. When he got to the top, he pulled out a handwritten message that he addressed to Bratton. It read:


“Dear Commissioner Bratton, No.”

(Photos: @icarus_nyc)