Harlem Is Getting Its Own Art Fair

April 1, 2015 | Liam Mathews

Between May 14th and 17th, the inaugural FLUX Fair will come to Harlem’s once-decrepit, now-thriving Corn Exchange building at 125th Street and Park Avenue. Scheduled to coincide with the prestigious Frieze Art Fair, the FLUX Fair will showcase the growing fine art community in Manhattan’s newest art-destination neighborhood.

The FLUX Fair is being presented by Art In FLUX, a Harlem-based organization that puts up pop-up art events in the neighborhood. The fair will be a larger undertaking than the galleries the organization has previously organized, with 54 artists and collectives exhibited. Not every artist in the show is based in Harlem, but many are, like Stan Squirewell, who told Art F City that the neighborhood is going through “another renaissance.” This Harlem Renaissance is not just associated with African-American creators, however. The art was selected by curators working from the fair’s theme, “The 21st Century Artist Is A Nomad,” and includes artists from diverse locations and cultural backgrounds.

“Harlem, an internationally acclaimed crossroads for the modern caravan of creativity, is a particularly relevant place to explore this theme,” the FLUX Fair’s website says.