Detective Union Boss Is Being A Cry Baby About Cop Who Yelled at Uber Driver

April 3, 2015 | Liam Mathews

Police union leaders are not known for their strong grasp of reality. Here’s another one: Detectives Endowment Association President Michael Palladino complained during a Thursday press conference about Commissioner Bratton’s discipling of Detective Patrick Cherry, who was placed on modified duty after he was caught on video verbally abusing an Uber driver.

According to DNAinfo, Palladino said that Bratton was taking “unprecedented” action against Cherry, and that no officer had ever been transferred or place on modified duty because of “verbal discourtesy.”

“This is neither Ferguson nor Staten Island, yet it is receiving equal attention,” Palladino said. He has a point; the officers in Ferguson and Staten Island each killed a man, which is obviously a more serious crime than being a dick. But those officers also got away with it. Modified duty seems like an appropriate punishment for inappropriate, racist behavior on the part of a counterterrorism officer. Furthermore, this incident is receiving nowhere near the attention that Ferguson and Staten Island received. Those were internationally significant events that merited responses from President Obama the Department of Justice. Palladino’s comparison to these events and attempt to make Det. Cherry into a martyr is disrespectful and wrong.

Anyway, Cam’Ron has something he’d like to say to Michael Palladino: