EV Blast: Women File $40 Million Lawsuit, Manhattan DA Considering Homicide Charges

April 7, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

Two women who lived in an apartment in 129 Second Avenue, next to the buildings that collapsed in the East Village explosion in late March, are suing the city for $20 million — each — for physical and mental damages.

The blast killed 2 people and injured nearly 2 dozen others, sending 4 people to the hospital. But it is 23-year-old Lucie Bauermeister and 26-year-old Anna Ramotowska who are suing the city for a hefty sum of $40 million. Here are the “severe physical injuries” they claim to have suffered:

When they went outside to see what had happened, glass was flying, and Ramotowska said she got “like, five or six scratches” on the back of her left hand when she used it to protect her face.
…Baumeister said she didn’t suffer any physical injuries, and Ramotowska said she treated her hand scratches with Neosporin she bought at a CVS.

And what of the mental trauma?:

Baumeister said she couldn’t sleep and lost her appetite after the blast and started seeing a $175-an-hour psychologist who recommended at least six to eight more weeks of counseling.
“Then, depending on how I’m recovering, maybe less frequently,” she said.

Ramotowska said she hadn’t yet been to a shrink but has an appointment for Wednesday.
“You don’t really think that you have trauma and that you’re affected by it . . . but you have trauma,” she said.

The two have fled New York City for warmer weather down South where both will (independently) be “beach babies.”

Meanwhile, the Manhattan DA is working on the case, and may even file a homicide charge. On Monday, a plumber admitted to illegally tapping the gas line at 121 Second Avenue, claiming he did it at the behest of the landlord’s son. The man may be able to reach a deal with the DA as the investigation continues.

(Photo: FDNY)