Cam’ron Is Hiding Cash-Stuffed Cereal Boxes In Bodegas Around the City

April 9, 2015 | Liam Mathews

Starting Friday April 10, select New York bodegas will begin shelving Killa Crunch cereal by Cam’ron, the rapper who brought you Ebola masks with his face and custom capes. Lest you get too excited about a new Cam’ron cereal, though, beware that it’s a stunt by some weird #brand called Virgin Mega.

The boxes of “Killa Crunch” aren’t filled with actually cereal, unfortunately. But you’ll still make out alright, because the boxes are stuffed with a limited-edition t-shirt and $100 cash. You can snag one by following the hashtag #KillaCrunch on Twitter and Instagram, where Virgin Mega will be posting the stash spots throughout the day.


The back of the box has a “Dumb Smart” crossword puzzle and a “U Mad Lib” of Cam’s verse from Kanye West’s “Gone.”


If you miss the drop, you’ll be able to buy the T-shirts via Virgin Mega’s app starting Monday April 13. Or you can just silently acknowledge that a Lucky Charms-esque Cam’ron cereal would be really funny: Yellow Lemonheads, pink Range Rovers, green dollar signs — stuff like that.

(Photos: Virgin Mega)