Someone Is Asking For Donations to ‘Evict’ the Women Suing NYC After EV Blast

April 9, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

The two East Village women suing the city for $40 million despite emerging from the blast unscathed may be opportunists, but the person who has launched a campaign against them is not much better. EV Grieve shared a GoFundMe campaign that aims to “Evict Fire Victim Bilkers from NYC” and it has already raised $120 in one day.

This is $120 too many.

The two women in question, Anna Ramotowska and Lucie Bauermeister, have already fled New York on their own volition. They were in their sublet in 129 Second Avenue when the blast occurred a few buildings over. Though they were pretty much unharmed, the pair fled to beaches in the south, according to the New York Post, due to supposed emotional trauma. East Village residents rightly think the pair is absurd. But buying them bus tickets and a costly ad in a paper, even if “symbolic,” does nothing for the victims who could really use that money:

Buy two one-way bus tickets out of NYC and a good riddence [sic] letter in the form of a full page ad in a NYC paper for heartless opportunists Anna Ramotowska and Lucie Bauermeister (or help the real victims of a tragic multi-building fire)
…Should this fund amount reach an adequate level, two symbolic one-way budget bus tickets out of NYC will be ‘purchased’ for the self-absorbed duo in the form of an ad in a yet to-be-determined local NYC / East Village publication. This ad will bring attention to their personal plight, their awful nature, and implore the unproductive wastes of space to please leave New York City and NEVER COME BACK.

The victims seem to be an afterthought, and the campaign is asking $20,000 for this endeavor without itemizing the costs for aforementioned bus tickets or full-page ad:

ALL funds not applied to an ad calling out these two wretched excuses for human beings – which may be 100% of the donations ; ) – will be donated to true victims from the fire…

Rather than donating to this campaign and giving those two idiots more attention, go find a campaign that’s focused 100% on the victims. Like this one, these ones, or these.

(Photo: New York City Fire Department)