‘Game of Thrones’ Has Nothing On This West Village Street Brawl

April 13, 2015 | Liam Mathews

Game of Thrones just premiered, but who gives a shit about White Walkers fighting each other with katanas or whatever when this kind of wild-ass street brawl is happening in the West Village? Like, this is the real-life version of the battle at The Wall, only instead of giants and woolly mammoths charging in at the last minute, it’s a crazed dude in a pink shirt.

According to Ratter, these three videos were shot Friday night in front of the Grisly Pear on Macdougal Street. The video starts in media res, with about 500 people throwing down on the sidewalk, and escalates into barricade-throwing and a guy jumping up-and-down like he’s so excited he can’t contain himself.

A Grisly Pears staffer told ANIMAL by phone that fights like this are par for the course in the neighborhood. “There was probably seven fights that night,” she said. “That’s when happens when people abuse cocaine and alcohol.”