‘Daily Show’ Producer Asks ‘Looking For a Girlfriend’ Guy to Take AIDS Test

April 14, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

“Looking for a Girlfriend” guy Dan Perino, who advertises his “9in coke can dick,” rattles off his sexual experiences like they’re sports stats and apparently only dates models, is frustrated that he can’t seem to find wife material out there in this lonely city. His brazen, contradictory approach to love has made him an obvious subject of media intrigue. None of the interviews with him have been as funny and awkward, however, as this one by Daily Show field producer Jena Friedman, who asked Perino to take a rapid AIDs test on camera.

Rather than being put-off by the request, Perino was into it — and perhaps even turned on. “You’re the first person who’s ever done this stuff, it’s very good. You should be a reporter,” Perino tells Friedman, before using the opportunity to not-so-smoothly segue into a pick-up line. “You’re far better than some of these interviews I’ve had. You’re very, very good. Hell of a personality — which goes a long way with me.”

“If it was under different circumstances, I would definitely ask you out,” he says.

“Like what other circumstances?” asks Friedman. “Me not giving you an AIDs test? I do this with everybody.”

Because it would be gross to call the results of the test a “surprise” or a “spoiler alert,” I can assure you that Perino, thankfully, does not have the virus.