‘No Catcalling Zone’ Street Signs Crop Up in New York

April 15, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

In honor of anti-street harassment week, New York-based Feminist Apparel and Philly-based Pussy Division are putting up “No Catcalling” street signs in New York and Philly. It’s an official reminder to the general public: hollering at someone on the street not cool; it makes people feel uncomfortable and even unsafe.

Some of the “no catcall zones” are guarded by a cat, while others mimic “Parking Zone” signs.

Brokelyn reports that so far, there are at least 50 “no catcalling” signs in Manhattan and Brooklyn, around Prospect Park and the Barclay’s Center. Be prepared to see more throughout the week. “By the end of the week they should be in every borough,” Pussy Division told ANIMAL via email.

(Photos: Pussy Division)