Cunning Coyote Sneaks Past Police in UWS

April 22, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

New York’s coyotes are straight up trolling us, now. Weeks after a coyote was spotted on a Long Island City rooftop and one was seen in Chelsea, a wild dog was seen in Riverside Park on Wednesday morning, CBS reports.

The coyote was seen between 96th and 79th streets around 5 AM. Police went after it, some with tranquilizer guns, as it wandered past Grant’s Tomb and Columbia University, the New York Times reported. Helicopter and patrol cars were also called in to hunt the wild animal. Cops eventually lost the animal’s trail, however, as it ran away.

While coyote sightings in the city are rare, this is the third in New York City in recent weeks. There have also been two coyote attacks in New Jersey, where coyotes seem to be quite comfortable.

(Photo: Pat Gaines)