Tony Wolf’s Webcomic ‘Greenpoint of View’ Is A Love Letter To the Neighborhood

April 24, 2015 | Liam Mathews

Illustrator Tony Wolf has lived in Greenpoint since 1996, so he’s seen a lot of changes – he was there when the first “hipsters” arrived (“people always forget it started with the trucker hats,” he astutely notes). His autobiographical webcomic Greenpoint of View recalls the bygone bars and bands of the North Brooklyn neighborhood, rendered in lovingly-detailed black and white.

There are two issues so far, the first documenting the genesis of Enid’s and Matchless, which would evolve into the Barmuda Triangle just above McCarren Park, and the second paying tribute to a great-but-forgotten band called The Vitamen.

Tony Wolf will be at the Brooklyn Zine Fest this weekend, so find him and maybe he’ll give you a paper copy.