‘Road Artist’ Wanksy Uses Drawings of Dicks For Social Good

April 27, 2015 | Liam Mathews

Amongst Banksy imitators, Hanksy ain’t got shit on Wanksy, an anonymous street art vigilante who draws pictures of dicks around potholes in Manchester, England, with the intention of attracting attention to the holes so they get fixed. As the English would say, it’s right bloody brilliant.

Photo: Facebook

It’s working, too. The dick holes are getting filled.

wanksy3_april27_2015Photo: Facebook

He’s annoying “think of the children” pearl-clutchers, too, which makes this even funnier. Wire should change the lyrics to “In Manchester” to be about this once local, now international hero. He’s doing great work, using graffiti as a public service. God Save the Wanksy.

(Photo: Wanksy-Road Artist/Facebook)