Listen In: Nadine Shah Made You a Playlist

April 29, 2015 | Liam Mathews

“Listen In” is a weekly feature in which we ask musicians to curate a mixtape-length YouTube playlist of songs they’re currently digging. Click the big play button above to hear the whole playlist or scroll down to see and hear individual tracks.

Nadine Shah is the reincarnation of mid-90s PJ Harvey (who’s still alive, but she doesn’t write songs like this anymore). The English singer-songwriter makes taut, minimal indie rock with a chilly exterior that masks a passionately beating heart. Check her single “Fool” from her album Fast Food, which came out April 7. She found time in between shows on her European tour to share some comments on her favorite songs with ANIMAL.

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – “Into My Arms”
“I want this to be my first dance song at my wedding if anybody ever agrees to marry me. It’s my favourite love song.”

Hilotrons – “Not There Tonight”
“I can’t remember how I discovered this song but I immediately fell in love with it, how timeless sounding it is. I’m almost certain that the majority of the youtube views are just from me. I like that though, it’s become that secret song you pull out your sleeve at parties that nobody else will have heard, it feels like your giving someone a gift, presenting them with a song that they won’t have heard before.”

Googoosh – “Makhloogh”
“Just look how cool she is, man! Googoosh is an Iranian singer. I love what she made in the 70s. She has an otherworldly seductive vocal. I’m often found drunk dancing to this.”

Selda Bagcan – “Ince Ince Bir Kar Yagar”
“Istanbul is my favourite city in the world and whenever I hear this song it takes me back there. The mix of East meets West is present in the song just like it is in Istanbul. I LOVE THIS!! (also be sure to research Selda Bagcan, she was a very inspiring lady!)”

Broken Social Scene – “Sweetest Kill”
“I still can’t work out what the lyrics are about or whether they are intentionally nonsensical.. either way this song is lush. I described it as ‘underwater music’ to my friend recently, cause that’s how it makes me feel when I hear it, all warm n fuzzy surrounded by water.”

KD Lang – “You’re Ok”
“Um..I can relate to this lyric. She possesses the most crystal clear voice and to me it’s perfect. Not a lot of people of my generation are that aware of her and if they are they certainly don’t think that’s she’s cool..I’d like to prove them wrong with this song. She’s awesome.”

The Maccabees – “Marks To Prove It”
“I’ve been impatiently awaiting this new record by The Maccabees and they didn’t disappoint (thank fuck!). Any song where the vocal melody follows a solo guitar line in my book is a winner. The video’s great too, showcasing Elephant and Castle, a place I’ve fond memories of..well..memories.”

Interpol – “Take You On a Cruise”
“I want to be Paul Banks.”

The Walker Brothers – “Nite Flights”
“If i was walking into the ring to fight, i’d want to walk on to this. Scott Walker has been a real inspiration to me, no one comes close (even to this day in my opinion) for pioneering a way forward in music.”

Nina Simone – “Love Me Or Leave Me”
“She’s the person who really made me want to make music. I admire her for her drive, passion and technique. She was a real force of nature and I’m so sad I never got to see her perform before she passed away. It all begins and ends with Nina for me.”