Look At This Blazingly Fast Drone

April 29, 2015 | Liam Mathews

This is the fastest drone we’ve ever seen. A YouTuber named quadmovr builds his own DIY drones, and this one in particular is bananas. Not all of the drone enthusiasts commenting on the video are convinced it’s real, and there are arguments whether little extraneous fliers in the background are birds that show the footage is sped up or just flies. We think it’s real, since the parts listed in the video title are available from drone component catalogues, and there are comments like the one below from “thejunkyardmessiah Lord of the scrapheap.” YouTube commenter caveat emptor, but he seems like he knows what he’s talking about:

He builds his Like I build mine , sans battery I would be surprised if it is over 380g . centrally mounted weight distribution with a bottom loaded battery and skill , years of pov flying and you have a monster. Mine on 3s/6 inch props has close to the same take off speed , total weight with 3s for me is 390g. He has larger motors though.

Another commenter breaks down the parts:

The parts are in the title, minicp120 (frame) x2208 2000kv (motors) 6×4.5 hqprop (propellers) kiss esc 18a (ESC’s) nanowii (FC) 4s1800 40c (battery)

It’s a powerful-ass drone that moves and sounds like a giant housefly. Crazy shit.