Doctor Criticized for Allegedly Engaging in Erotic Blood Play

April 30, 2015 | Liam Mathews

A former kink-party participant turned snitch tells NBC New York that an organizer of Cirque de Plaisir, a roving Manhattan fetish event, is a licensed physician. The whistleblower alleges that Dr. Edwin Perez, known in the D/s community as “Santos,” used his medical expertise inappropriately and perhaps in violation of his oath to perform “arterial tapping,” which NBC describes as when “a dominant partner taps a submissive partner’s artery, controlling his or her blood flow,” and then apparently sometimes sprays the blood on a canvas.

The informant says “I think there’s definitely more of a shocking aspect that [he is] a doctor who took a Hippocratic oath to help and heal. It just seems so contrary to his profession.”

Jeff Lamm, a spokesman for the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners, said that Dr. Perez’s extracurricular activities are not the board’s business.

“The person in question is not representing himself to be a medical professional and is not soliciting nor treating people as patients,” Lamm told NBC.

According to NBC,

One image of arterial tapping posted on the Cirque de Plaisir Facebook page seems to show Perez grinning as he readies a needle for a woman’s arm. Another photo appears to show the doctor holding a canvas spattered with blood.

The photos have since been taken down, but photos of creepy clowns still remain.

It seems to me that it’s a good thing to have an understanding doctor present at a potentially dangerous fetish party. If blood is going to be drawn, it’s better to have someone who knows what they’re doing performing the extraction. And just because he’s doctor, he can’t engage in fetish play? Seems judgmental and against the freedom Cirque de Plaisir celebrates.

(Photo: Cirque de Plaisir)