This Austrian Baker’s 9/11 Cake Is Truly Insane

May 1, 2015 | Liam Mathews

A Viennese baker made a 9/11 cake to protest Austria’s two ruling parties (!?). That’s not a question; that’s what the cake is supposed to do, but why? I fail to see the connection between 9/11 and Austria’s politics.

“Sometimes, you have to present an exaggerated view of the situation if you really want to make a point,” Thomas Kienbauer told the Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung. What’s his point, though? Austrian politics are comparable than 9/11? If so, then there is a reference to an atrocity an Austrian could make that would hit much closer to home than something that happened in a different country. (Hint: Hitler. I’m talking about Hitler. Hitler was Austrian.)

Satire is hard for professionals. It’s impossible for dummies.

(Photo: Thomas Kienbauer)