Landmarks Preservation Commission Approves Keeping 190 Bowery’s Graffiti

May 6, 2015 | Liam Mathews

Cool news on the 190 Bowery beat: the Landmarks Preservation Commission has approved restoration and renovation plans to the building that will retain the iconic graffiti on the building’s exterior, YIMBY reports.

On May 5, architect Jørgen Cleemann presented his plan to the LPC, which will restore many fixtures including doors and windows, but will keep the graffiti intact. This is a huge win for street art preservationists, as this means the Landmarks Preservation Commission is willing to acknowledge graffiti’s historical significance to 190 Bowery.

YIMBY writes:

“Commissioner Frederick Bland called 190 Bowery an ‘extraordinary building’ and applauded the ‘gentleness’ of the proposal. He praised retention of the graffiti as an ‘interesting show of art.’ Commissioner Diana Chapin called the proposal ‘very sensitive.’ Commissioner Michael Goldblum said the building would be a ‘jewel box’ and called the proposal ‘fantastic,’ adding that it will be a ‘real testament to the layering that preservationists seek.'”

A consortium of creative agencies will occupy office space in the building, and the group’s CEO Matthew Moneypenny told ANIMAL last month that he wanted the graffiti to stay, calling it “one of the very last original remnants of the neighborhood.” He warned that final approval, however, still rested with whatever business takes over the building’s ground floor. It is unclear at press time whether that’s still the case, or if the LPC’s decision means the graffiti will get to stay.

(Photo: Bucky Turco/ANIMALNewYork)