Another Coyote Sighting, This Time Near LaGuardia

May 7, 2015 | Liam Mathews

Even more than other parts of the city, Queens has a continuously growing immigrant population. The newest population boom, apparently, is coyotes, who have been spotted from Long Island City to Middle Village and most recently near LaGuardia Airport. A Postal Service employee noticed a lone coyote prowling a marshy area in East Elmhurst early Thursday morning, the New York Post reports. It went into Elmjack Park and got away before it could be apprehended.

Last week, Narratively shed some light on New York City’s coyote invasion. Reporter Tove Danovich spoke to Chris Nagy, co-founder of the Gotham Coyote Project, a Museum of Natural History-supported urban coyote tracking project. Nagy said that when he started the project in 2010, he only saw evidence of coyotes living in the north Bronx. But in the years since, he’s found families living near the Whitestone Bridge in the southeastern Bronx and in, yes, Queens.

Nagy told Narratively that coyotes are unstoppable: “we’ve shocked, trapped, gassed, and shot them from helicopters for hundreds of years and nothing has happened except they’ve become more prolific.” More proof that NYC’s coyote takeover is completely inevitable.

(Photo: Pat Gaines)