Subway Vandals Seen Trespassing and Changing Train Signs in New Video

May 11, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

The New York Post has obtained footage of a group of subway vandals that has been train-surfing, trespassing into abandoned stations, breaking into subway cars, meddling with MTA signage, and more.

The Post insinuated that the group may be affiliated with teen Keyshawn Brown, who was arrested in April for causing an explosion on the Nostrand Avenue C tracks.

“Subway surfing videos at the old City Hall stop were also posted online,” the Post wrote. “And alarming pictures taken by one Keyshawn Brown…show stolen MTA keys and a worker’s vest on his bed.
‘#AllWeNeedIs1moreKey,’ Brown boasted on Facebook.”

In an 11-minute video, the group known as the Subway Conquestors can be seen fooling around at a Canal Street stop in Manhattan and Brooklyn’s Bergen Street and 9th Avenue stations. Watch it below:

(Photo: humzadeas)