Celebrating 75 Years Of McDonald’s Brawls

May 15, 2015 | Liam Mathews

On May 15, 1940, the first ever McDonald’s opened in San Bernadino, California. Little did the McDonald brothers know that 75 years later, their humble hamburger restaurant would be the biggest restaurant chain in the world and the preferred brawling location for New York City teens. A group of kids in Brooklyn celebrated the anniversary by turning a McDonald’s on the Flatbush Avenue Extension into a wild melee on Thursday afternoon.

According to WPIX, the fight broke out at around 3 PM, when two girls began trading blows. When bystanders tried to intervene, other people joined in, until the whole McDonald’s was overrun and the brawl spilled out onto the sidewalk. The videographer, whom WPIX identifies as Don Balmain (probably not his real name, as it indicates that this young man is a high-ranking member of an organized crime operation and/or wears a lot of Balmain clothing, both of which seem unlikely), yells “kill him!” and cackles while chaos reigns around him. One woman was taken to the hospital. No arrests have yet been made.

This is the second wild-ass McDonald’s brawl in Brooklyn to attract media attention so far this year. In March, a group of teenage girls beat another girl so badly in a different Flatbush Avenue McDonald’s that she had to be hospitalized twice.

Happy Diamond Jubilee, McDonald’s. No other restaurant has given the world so many sandwiches of both meat and knuckle varieties.

(Image: Bucky Turco/ANIMALNewYork)