Drunk Mini-Golf Is Coming to Downtown Brooklyn

May 18, 2015 | Liam Mathews

There are approximately three miniature golf courses in Brooklyn and they’re all wack. Brooklyn needs an Ocean City-style (New Jersey or Maryland, take your pick) mini-golf course, with pirate ships and windmills and all kinds of whimsical Rube Goldberg shit. If Brooklyn is going to be become a suburban nostalgia playground, it may as well include the most fun, most frustrating suburban nostalgia game. Fortunately, the Fulton Mall Improvement Association is trying to make that happen. DNAinfo reports that the organization put out a call for proposals, due by Friday, to design and build a course for Albee Square Plaza in the Fulton Mall.

According to the request for proposals, the course will request a liquor license, because getting drunk will make mini-golf even more fun, or allow a poor golfer to drink away his or her sorrows after their 5th bogey in a row.

And since the plaza is a public space, players will be able to play for free if they bring their own putters and balls. That’s not a double entendre, it’ll really be BYOB. Balls, not booze, that is. They’re gonna sell booze.

(Photo: Alan)