Ew, There Are People Who Still Go To Adult Theaters In NYC

May 20, 2015 | Bucky Turco

Why would anyone go to an adult theater in the age of internet porn? So wonders culture site Hopes & Fears, noting how the latter has skyrocketed into a multi-billion dollar industry. Most mom-and-pop XXX shops have been cleansed out of the city by city regulations or the consumers, the majority of whom now watch sexy time online.

I too wondered why any self-respecting adult would consider masturbating in a dingy theater or lonely booth, a handful of which still exist in New York City. The answer could be simple: Either these pervs prefer a semi-public setting to fap in, or they don’t have internet or a computer. According a 2014 report by the city’s comptroller (PDF doc) found that “27 percent (730,000) of NYC households lack broadband Internet at home” and “17 percent (533,000) of NYC households do not have a computer at home.”

Despite those figures, though, my money’s still on them being perverts.

(Photo: frankieleon)