Citi Bike Is An Essential Tool for This Mugger

May 21, 2015 | Liam Mathews

The NYPD has pinned 11 muggings since early Febuary on a cycling thief who rides up on a either a Citi Bike or a regular bike with a basket on the front and snatches purses away from women. Not very intimidating, but effective. He’s like a real-life “on my way to steal your girl” meme, except with pocketbooks.

According to the Post, he first struck on February 2, when he yoinked an iPhone out of a woman’s hand on 6th Avenue; most recently, on April 29, he stole a purse on East 17th Street in Gramercy. None of the women have been hurt, but this guy is still a creep. If you see him in action, stick a branch through his spokes.

(Image: NYPD)