New York’s Former Homeland Security Advisor Now Protects Weed Shipments

May 27, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

The state’s former top homeland security advisor is now in charge of safeguarding weed. The New York Daily News reports that Michael Balboni, who served both Eliot Spitzer and David Paterson, has been “hired as a security consultant for pot grower Empire State Compassionate Care.”

The organization hopes to be one of the five entities legally allowed to grow and dispense medical weed in New York, and has brought on Balboni to help ensure they’re within regulations. The company has hired a former DEA and Interpol agent, the Daily Neews reports.

Balboni, who explained that he would not be lobbying politicians, said, “What we are doing is putting all the gates, guards, guns and gadgets in place to ensure that there is seed to sale and no diversion of product.”

(Photo: Brett Levin)