New York Nightmare: Man Falls Down Subway Grate While Trying To Retrieve Keys He Dropped

June 2, 2015 | Liam Mathews

A guy in Queens just embodied the reason why you’re supposed to tell a cop or an MTA employee or the fire department if you drop something and you can’t get to it. On Tuesday morning, a man dropped his keys into a sidewalk subway grate on Jackson Avenue, near the Court Square station. Instead of going to the professionals, or dealing with a few shitty days of getting the keys replaced, he took matters into his own hands. DNAinfo reports that he pried open the grate with a crowbar, put a fucking ladder into the shaft, and slipped and fell 20 feet while trying to get down.

Since the man has not yet been identified, it’s also possible that he was the guy sent to fish the keys out of the grate, which is also disturbing. A witness first saw him trying to get the keys out by trying to catch them on a string. Then he came back with the ladder.

The FDNY said that the man suffered serious injuries but was listed in stable condition at Bellevue Hospital. The witness told DNAinfo that when firefighters pulled him out of the hole, he was bleeding but conscious. The MTA said the man injured his right leg.

Please, if you drop something, tell a cop or MTA personnel. Don’t do like this ding-dong and try to be a cowboy about it. The fire department is just going to end up coming anyway.

(Photo: Google Maps)