NBC Only Outraged By Price Gouging Going On Outside of the WTC Complex

June 5, 2015 | Bucky Turco

Recently, the crack investigative team at NBC News reported on a food vendor who was selling ridiculously priced hot dogs to people outside of the WTC complex. He reportedly charged one tourist $30, a price which the person could have refused, but didn’t. Due to the media attention and faux outrage that even this site is guilty of ginning up, the vendor was fired, but now someone else has taken his place and is also charging different customers different prices, a claim that he doesn’t deny to NBC. As shitty as that is, it’s no worse than the ripping off of tourists going on inside 1WTC and the nearby 9/11 Memorial. Where’s the shock and fist-shaking about these overpriced, 9/11-branded bits of exploitative merchandise?

One World Observatory
Elevator ride to the top of 1WTC to the new observatory: $32 (For anyone wishing to dine exclusively at any of the restaurants, they must pay the $32. Windows of the World never charged extra to enter its doors nor do any of the city’s other eateries that share share space with observations decks.)
Glass sculpture of 1WTC: $200
Pullover made in Vietnam: $195
Polo shirt made in Korea: $175
One World Observatory cufflinks with Swarovski crystals: $59.95

9/11 Memorial Museum
Entrance to the 9/11 Memorial Museum: $24
3D-printed earrings of 1WTC: $200
Survivor Tree Wool Shawl: $160.00
Blue leather wallet stamped with 9/11 Memorial logo: $79.95

Never forget…capitalism!