This Pit Bull Attacking a Cat is The Ultimate New York Moment

June 10, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

This video of a pit bull attacking a cat in New York City is hard to watch, but eventually, the pit bull lets go of the poor cat and the cat seems like it’ll be alright. It’s actually the perfect New York metaphor: That pit bull is New York in all its grit and hard-edged indifference; it’s the corrupt landlord, the corporate bigwig, the leaders of the NYPD who can’t wait to sink their teeth into you. That cat is you, the fast food worker, the broke college kid, the schmo just trying to scrape together a living and “make it” (whatever that means). Thank god that pit bull is on a leash. And thank god that the people standing around, witnessing this insanity, are all on that cat’s side. Stay well, little cat.