Urban Explorer Slides Down Rooftop, Shows Other Stomach-Churning Moments in Daring Video

June 10, 2015 | Bucky Turco

Photographer Victor Thomas aka @vic.invades loves to explore places most people wouldn’t dare to go. The Brooklyn-based, NYC native shot and posted a short video to YouTube detailing some of his latest urban exploring hijinks. In one unsettling clip, he can be seen sliding down a steep roof. I asked the 20-something lensman if he could shed some light on his obsession with accessing off limits areas all around NYC.

Why’d you make the video?
I wanted to give the ordinary citizen a point of view that they probably will never physically experience.

How long have you been into urbex?
I’ve been involved in the urbex movement way before the Instagram trend came into fruition. I was never into dirty places as a kid, so I would sneak into college campuses with my best friend Glenn at the age of thirteen for fun.

Victor G_j10_2015_3
Are you worried about getting caught by NYPD?
The NYPD has been a thorn at my side for a while now, after the release of that Seeker Network video about NYC urbex/photography. The fact that it was featured on HypeBeast and many other social media outlets made them aware and gave them the incentive to search for me. They came to my home explaining how they had video proof of my whereabouts and gave me a date to show up at the precinct, and the rest is history. Otherwise I’m not worried.

What do you say to people who say y’all are just reckless?
To all the people who partake in urbex and decide to be reckless at spots — not saying any names — I personally think you should find another hobby…

What’s the deal with that sliding on rooftops clip? What’s going on there?
Yeah, so with that rooftop sliding clip…lol. I only did it to add suspense to a video in progress and to get a killer shot on the edge. In the process I couldn’t really stop, so I had to cut recording and stabilize myself so I didn’t get launched over the barriers on the edge.

Victor G_j10_2015_4
Do you have any more of those?
I actually don’t have anymore at the moment, but look forward to seeing more in the near future and tons of other kids trying to replicate it.

Is urban exploring getting tired with too many people going and flicking the same spots?
I have no problem with the amount of people who partake in urbexing or flick the same shots. I just think people should respect any location they get the opportunity to explore. Some of those spots are places where people can really take time and recollect on life and it’s hard ships.

What’s the best part about exploring off limits NYC?
Like I always say: The best part about is being able to see and capture moments and views that the normal person will never experience.

Any tips for the kids?
The best tip I can give to kids is to stay safe and don’t get caught.

Victor G_j10_2015

(Photos: @vic.invades)