Who Steals A Breast Pump?

June 11, 2015 | Liam Mathews

Two dicks stole packages from the lobby of a Hell’s Kitchen apartment building on Saturday, one of which contained a breast pump meant for Allison Foley, the mother of newborn premature twins.

“They’re stealing from two preemie babies, which is just like the lowest of the low,” Foley told CBS2.

The thieves were caught on camera swiping the packages off a row of mailboxes in the lobby. It’s unclear whether they knew what was in the boxes, one of which contained a breast pump and the other held gifts for the babies, or if they just went into the building and stole what they found. Still, they happened to steal an item that was meant to be used to keep two babies that each weigh less than three pounds alive. Very bad. They should feel bad.

The most popular model of the brand of breast pump stolen sells for $250 on Amazon. I don’t know what the street value of a stolen breast pump might be. Do these thieves know where to sell a stolen breast pump? Did they steal it for personal use? I have a lot of questions about this. Mainly, really? A breast pump?

The suspects have not been identified. The babies, Declan and Deirdre Foley, remain in the hospital. Their parents have bought a new breast pump.

(Photo: Amazon)