Whoa, An ISIS Affiliate Tweeted Pamela Geller’s Home Address

June 15, 2015 | Liam Mathews

Pamela Geller, the anti-Muslim crusader who sponsored a “draw Muhammed” contest and got political ads banned from the MTA by being too hateful, is being targeted by alleged ISIS allies who want to kill her. Over the weekend, a British-born ISIS operative tweeted Geller’s Upper East Side home address with the hashtag #GoForth, reports 1010 WINS. The account has since been suspended.

This comes just two weeks after some young men in New England claiming allegiance to ISIS plotted to behead Geller. Nicholas Rovinski and David Wright were arrested on charges of providing support to terrorists last week, after an investigation in which one it was found that one of their terror plots was to behead Geller. A third conspirator, Usaama Rahim, was killed in Boston on June 2 after brandishing a knife at police and FBI agents who came to arrest him.

Pamela Geller is a bad person, but that does not mean that she should be the target of terror campaigns. Also, by threatening her, these operatives are playing into her depiction of Muslims as violent extremists. They’re doing her propaganda for her. Geller now gets to say that she will not stop in the face of death threats. She gets to be the good guy.

(Photo: CNN)