Falside Talks About His New EP, Producing Music and His Influences

June 17, 2015 | Aymann Ismail

You may not have heard of Falside, but if you live in New York City, chances are you’ve heard his music without even realizing it. The 26-year-old music producer, named Kevin Fallon, has worked with the best of the best, including Action Bronson, Jeru the Damaja, Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox), and others. (He’s also behind a lot of the music in ANIMAL’s videos). We caught up with Falside upon the release of his new EP, Don’t Touch Me to hear about his hustle. Read the Q&A below and check out Falside’s music here.

Is it challenging to make music in New York? How do your roommates feel about your music?
I live with my best friend and designer Bobby Florida. It’s chill. He DGAF. We haven’t seen our landlord in 2 years. So far no complaints from our trashy polish neighbors. I’m used to making music in small apartments – it’s all about timing.

Where do you look for samples?
If I hear something I’m into, I sample it. I’ve got a huge library of vinyl samples I’ve collected over the years, but lately about 85% of everything has been original compositions.

When do you know a song is finished?
Definitely after I’ve listened to it 40 times on the train and I’m still in love with it.

Who are your biggest influences?
Bobby Florida, New York Nico, F.Virtue, Dick Van Dick, Jay Boogie, Oliver Anderson, Juan Deuce and all of my inspiring & creative friends.

What about the music industry pisses you off the most?
Questions like this.

Were you on drugs when you produced ‘Don’t Touch Me’?
Just weed and sour gummy worms. I stay fucked up off that iced coffee too.

If you can work with any rapper/producer, who would that be?
Yo – Philip Glass, if you’re reading this – lets link – falside@gmail.com.

What do your critics say about your music?
It’s all been love so far. But, I only really care what my friends think. If the squad happy, I’m happy.

What else do you do besides produce? How does that play into your music?
I work full time in a contemporary art framing studio. It’s a pretty serious gig. Our work shows in some of the biggest galleries and museums in NYC and around the world. But it’s easy for me to balance my hustles. People have this notion that you’re not a real musician if you work a full time job. Fuck that. Some of the most talented people I know work 9-5’s. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Play Fuck/Marry/Kill with all of the rappers you’ve worked with…
Fuck – Jay Boogie
Marry – Action Bronson
Kill – Stalley