A Guy Got a Mason Jar Smashed Over His Head at a McDonald’s

June 18, 2015 | Liam Mathews

It’s been a few weeks since we heard about a McDonald’s brawl, but there was another one in the early morning of June 14 in front of the McDonald’s at 208 Varick Street in the West Village, and it involved a detail we’ve never heard of happening before: One of the assailants used a mason jar as a weapon, shattering it over the head of the victim. Yes, one of the symbols of gentle, artisanal Brooklyn got used as a weapon in a McDonald’s fight. It was an effective weapon, too, as the victim was bloodied and “in substantial pain,” DNAinfo says.

According to DNAinfo’s report, two men ganged up on another man during a dispute that spilled out onto the sidewalk in front of the McDonald’s. One man hit the victim with his own shoe, and then the other smashed the mason jar over his head. It’s unclear why this man had a mason jar at a McDonald’s at 3:50 AM. He must have brought it with him, because despite McDonald’s hip rebranding, it hasn’t gone into full-on mason jar tweeness. Also, the glass of a mason jar is usually pretty thick. It must have been a really hard hit.

The two assailants were arrested and charged with felony assault.

(Photo: Google Maps)