Like His Career, 50 Cent’s Lawyers Are Stalling

June 19, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

Just like 50 Cent, his lawyers are either really dumb or really smart, and it’s really hard to tell. The rapper is currently on trial for allegedly leaking a private sex tape, and his lawyers are stalling. The Daily News reports that “Lawyers for rapper 50 Cent objected so often to evidence offered at his sex tape trial Thursday that jurors heard less than 60 minutes of testimony.”

The lawsuit was brought against the rapper by Lastonia Leviston, the woman in the tape, saying that the leak ruined her reputation and caused significant emotional distress. It was filmed by her then-boyfriend Maurice Murray, she says, for private use. But in 2009, the video appeared on 50 Cent’s website, Thisis50.com, with 50 Cent’s face on it. Leviston also has child with Rick Ross, and Rick Ross and 50 have beef, so her lawyers are arguing that 50 Cent published a doctored video and put it on his site as a blow to Ross. But the rapper says that Ross posted the video first, and in fact sued him last month over it.

No wonder they’re stalling. In the meantime, the jury has to watch a 13-minute version of the sex tape.

(Photo: TigerDirect.com)