Pizza Chain 2 Bros Sued for Underpaying Workers

June 22, 2015 | Liam Mathews

Everything nice has a terrible exploitative dark side: 2 Bros, the industry leader in $1 pizza, has been slapped with a class-action suit by former employees who allege that they worked 60-70 hour workweeks for less than minimum wage and no overtime, the Daily News reports.

“They built their dollar pizza empire on the backs of my clients and other workers by grossly underpaying them,” said the group’s attorney, Adam Slater. “It’s just unfair.”

The Daily News writes:

“The suit seeks back pay for hundreds of the chain’s workers who it says have ‘not been paid minimum wage, overtime wages, spread of hours wages, (and) who had wages unlawfully deducted.’

More than a dozen plaintiffs have joined the suit and more are coming forward, Slater said. He estimated the damages owed the workers will be in excess of $10 million.”

I always suspected this was the case, because there’s no way a food business can rent multiple locations in New York while selling pizza for $1 without doing something illegal, but I stuffed that suspicion down because I wanted the cheap pizza. But now, faced with this, I can’t do that anymore. I’m willing to pay market rate for a slice of pizza if workers like Ruben Aca, who made pizzas for 72 hours a week and was paid $6.66 an hour, can earn a fair wage.

(Photo: Google Maps)