Former 190 Bowery Owner’s New House Sets a Brooklyn Real Estate Record

June 23, 2015 | Liam Mathews

Jay Maisel has had a successful career as a commercial and fine art photographer, but there isn’t money in photography the way there is in New York City real estate. It’s unlikely Jay Maisel would have set the new record for a single-home purchase in Brooklyn if he hadn’t sold his prior address, the famed 190 Bowery, for $55 million several months ago.

That sale gave him the liquidity to buy a bananas six-bedroom townhouse on Pacific Street in Cobble Hill for $15.5 million. The New York Times has photos of the interior, and it’s way more luxurious than the semi-squalid conditions he was living in before, to say the least: it has a “20-person movie theater, a gym, children’s playroom, bar and wine cellar, as well as ‘smart home’ technology. There is also a 2,600-square-foot roof garden with an outdoor kitchen, and all the floors, including those in the 1,000-square-foot garage, have radiant heat,” according to the Times.

The $15.5 figure shatters Brooklyn’s previous record of $12.5 million, which was set in 2012 when the guy from Rockstar Games bought Truman Capote’s old house in Brooklyn Heights.

No word yet on whether Maisel will allow graffiti writers to tag his new home like he did his old one.

(Photo: Google Maps)