Listen In: Michna Made You a Playlist

June 26, 2015 | Aymann Ismail

“Listen In” is a feature in which we ask musicians to curate a mixtape-length playlist of songs they’re currently digging. Click the big play button above to hear the whole playlist or scroll down to see and hear individual tracks.

Michna is everywhere. The Brooklyn-based DJ and music producer has left his mark on HBO’s Silicon Valley, Nike’s Lebron 12 shoe and Sony’s video game Hohokum, among other high-profile spots. His genre-bending sounds range from soothing and dreamy to dark and foreboding, matching the vibes of record label Ghostly International. Michna curated and annotated a playlist that matches his eclectic sounds. Give it a listen below.

Richard Buckner & John Langford – “From Attic to Basement”

This one-off collaboration was so hard to find at the time of it’s release that even Other Music couldn’t special order it. A hidden gem from 2005 permanently on backorder.

Julian Casablancas+The Voidz – “Where No Eagles Fly”

Fascinated with trying to figure out how they recorded this whole album. Was it recorded with a VCR? I hope so.

Iced Earth – “Soylent Green”

I heard about Iced Earth because Richard Christy (from the Howard Stern Show) used to be their drummer. I recently started experimenting with Soylent and have found so far it definitely kills your apetite for food, sex and general motivation no matter how much caffine you follow it up with.

The Cure – “The Only One”

My favorite song from their most recent album, 4:13 Dream.

Connan Mockasin – “Caramel”

Fell for this song when I heard it on High Maintenance, perfectly captures the 
vibe of “The Guy” saying “whatever” to shitty customers and cruising off into the streets of Brooklyn.

Sailor & I – “Tough Love (Aril Brikha Remix)”

Will I ever not be into well crafted synth-pop? No.

St. Lucia – “Elevate (Kreap’s Throwback Vocal Mix)”

A really well executed club mix that certainly flew under the radar.

Brassica – “Dance (Ft Stuart Warwick)”

What might happen if Robyn, Royksopp, Junior Boys, and Enya were hanging out at a deep afters and decided to make a heady roller.

Mario Basanov – “Damn Girl”

People usually ask what this one is when I spin it in da club.

Shakira – “Good Stuff”

When this track was about 70 percent done I was brought in to add some horns to the hook. Basically Pharrell had been shooting demos over to John Hill, who brought in Diplo, and later me. My trombones were prety much replaced with casio horns, and what we have here is the final leaner cleaner version.