Porta-Potties for Dogs? Sure, Why Not

June 29, 2015 | Liam Mathews

Alright, so, yeah…a guy named Jon Crow who lives in Park Slope (of course, right?) was tired of dogs peeing on his block’s trees and flowers, so he got some kiddie pools and plastic sleds, filled them up with sod, and put them out on the street for dogs to pee and poop on. Crow calls them “Doggie Spots.” The New York Post calls them “puppy porta-potties.”

“Dogs love them, and so far so do humans, even though they’re essentially plastic containers of dirt soaked with dog urine,” writes the Post’s Amber Sutherland, who became my favorite Post writer with that sentence.

Jon Crow seems like he might be out of his mind: “You can sit on the grass,” he told the Post. “They’re lawns; you’re supposed to walk on them. Take your shoes off, walk around.”

Okay! So if you’re in Park Slope and you see a kiddie pool filled with a patch of grass instead of water, it’s a toilet for dogs made by a crazy man. This is the world we live in.

(Photo: Idit Narkis Katz)